Faerie Tales Retold (Jasmine)

As our children grow up listening to classic stories and fairy tales, they're often curious about why the stories usually feature helpless girls who depend on a prince charming to save the day. This series is an attempt at re-telling those tales to feature strong female leads.


A desert kingdom. A tale of deceit. An age of struggle and of men who craved power exclusively. This is my reality, granted to me by the Weaver of Dreams. To survive this quandary, I needed a guide, so I sought her out to train at her side. And what she taught me was profound, an ancient secret revealed, the Lady of the Forest allowed me a glimpse into what was to be. You see, you may have heard of Arabian nights, but those concocted tales had me portrayed as a child. So listen to what’s true, to this story of mine - there are no flying carpets, nor genies of any kind. There is only Magic, and the woman skillful enough to wield it. I am Channeler, Healer, Spellbinder, Seer - pursued by viziers and urchins alike. I am Prophetess, Enchantress, the most powerful in the land. I am, the Sorceress of the sands.