Faerie Tales Retold (Ariel)

As our children grow up listening to classic stories and fairy tales, they're often curious about why the stories usually feature helpless girls who depend on a prince charming to save the day. This series is an attempt at re-telling those tales to feature strong female leads.


I am queen of the deep, Eurybia’s daughter, my golden voice held sway beneath the shimmering waters. My dominion was absolute and my subjects spanned, three times and more of those living on land. But the Sand Dweller folk sought control of my domain, and they plotted and schemed to bring me to shame. With dark magic they stole my golden voice, and left me hoarse, what before was pure melody, they rendered harsh noise. Then I remembered the tales, from the lips of the Traveller, of a Lady so tiny yet a conduit for colossal power. So I trained as she asked and over time I regained, a fraction of what I’d lost, but that whisper restored my reign. I am still queen of the deep, Eurybia’s daughter, but I have another name now - the Viridian Whisperer.