Faerie Tales Retold (Snow White)

As our children grow up listening to classic stories and fairy tales, they're often curious about why the stories usually feature helpless girls who depend on a prince charming to save the day. This series is an attempt at re-telling those tales to feature strong female leads.


I was to be queen, the throne was rightfully mine. Until the king and his court cast me out as a child, afraid of the power growing within me. A power he could not possess, could not control. I wandered lost for weeks, and just at the edge of despair, the lady of the forest took me under her care. She taught me control, how to mould my power. To quieten a storm, tame a fire, and even make it snow in summer. Soon I was ready, to take back my throne, but seven tasks lay ahead, before I was home. So, seven kingdoms did I liberate, seven kingdoms of old, each ruled by a tyrant whose power was dwarfed by my own. But great power can sometimes take a toll, and we all need a reminder, sometimes big, sometimes small. So one final thing she taught me, before the lady of the forest let me go. And that is why anytime I need counsel, I need only call, to that “Mirror, mirror, on the wall”.