Faerie Tales Retold (Red Riding Hood)

As our children grow up listening to classic stories and fairy tales, they're often curious about why the stories usually feature helpless girls who depend on a prince charming to save the day. This series is an attempt at re-telling those tales to feature strong female leads.


They call me Red Riding Hood. I had another name though, before my story was twisted. Before you heard the tales of a little girl, who needed rescuing from wild wolves by brave woodsmen. How quickly that lie spread. Far and wide, of a wolf stalking a helpless child. Of a woodsman saving the day, brave and kind. They feared the truth, knowing it would mean what it did. That a lone girl could protect her own; red hood on her back, her trusty axe in her hand. Woodsman! How lies have fed your fame. How dare they make you the hero, when you were the one to blame. Oh, there were wolves and axes alright, but the details are all confused. The axe was mine, the bravery was mine. You see, before I was known as Red Riding Hood, they called me the girl with the wolf eyes.