Faerie Tales Retold (Cinderella)

As our children grow up listening to classic stories and fairy tales, they're often curious about why the stories usually feature helpless girls who depend on a prince charming to save the day. This series is an attempt at re-telling those tales to feature strong female leads.


I am a traveller, a vagabond, a wanderer. I have stories to tell, of worlds I have seen, that will stretch your imagination beyond the wildest of dreams. Of door mice and pumpkins as large as an ox, of palaces, of princes, and even of a slipper I once lost. But my travels are treacherous, my destinations unknown, for Time is my coachman, his sudden appearance beyond my control. You see, I am trapped in a temporal whirl, and as the clock strikes midnight, I could be off to another world. And so I make the most of every day in each land, for after all I’m just a plaything in Fortune’s hand.

Visuals for this image inspired by the surreal work of Brooke Shaden.